In Panama City, Mr. José Arana and Felipe Carbonell, meeting at one of the Mudanzas congresses, after analyzing the needs of the region's freight forwarders and based on the ideas that had been reflected in the past, created the FEDERATION OF FREIGHT FORWARDERS OF LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN "ALACAT". To do this, they cited all National Associations of America and some Latin American Freight Forwarders, at the first ALACAT congress on June 12, 1982 in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, organized by ABACA (Brazilian Association of Freight Forwarders ) .


This congress was attended by the Delegations of Argentina (Mr. Oscar Villar), Uruguay (Mr. Freire), Chile (Mr. Pedro Merino), Ecuador (Ms. Sosa), Peru (Mr. Felipe Carbonell), Brazil (Mr. José Arana) and Colombia (Mr. Marco A. Toca). As guests attended the Delegates of the FETEIA (Spanish Federation). During this event the president was appointed, assigning this position to Mr. Felipe Carbonell. Likewise, the Directive Committee was appointed, which was made up of: APACIT (Peru), ABACA (Brazil), AAACA (Argentina), ACHIAT (Chile), ASCAIATA (Colombia) and AUDACA (Uruguay).

This event was sponsored by IBERIA, a company that accompanied ALACAT for more than 18 Congresses, with the gratifying presence of Emilio García, who in all the events demonstrated his careful and determined collaboration.

During this first congress, the Statutes presented by Mr. Carbonell and Mr. Arana were approved, and it was left as a task to each of the Associations present, the function of reviewing them and suggesting the changes and / or modifications thereof, which should be presented in the next Congress assigned to ASCAIATA (Colombia), which was scheduled and held in the city of Cartagena.

In 2016, the figure of adherent partner was created in order to integrate and promote the complementary services of companies linked to the logistics and foreign trade industry. Being Magaya corporation who believed and supported this concept.

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